[singlepic id=153 w=320 h=240 float=right]Well yesterday I got my Weather Nerd on, today I’m getting my Driver Nerd on. (Yes I’m that guy who wears an uber cool fluoro vest  when riding my motorbike).

A particular facebook group  (There’s a perfectly good path right next to the road you stupid cyclist!) really got under my skin. So I went looking for the official road rules for WA so I could be properly armed before preparing my retort. Up until now I’ve only been aware of the Drive Safe book which is published by the Department for Planning and Infrastructure (now called Department of Transport). It’s a good tool for learners to study for their driving test but it’s not exactly a definitive list of the road rules though.

What I found was the State Law Publisher website which has (among many others) the Road Traffic Act 1974 and the Road Traffic Code 2000 available for download. Be prepared though, the Road Traffic Code 2000 is a cool 357 pages.

Ever been in a heated debate with a yobbo holden driving hoon over the legalities of  “Lights on animal-drawn vehicles during the hours of darkness or in hazardous weather conditions“? Yup, I thought so. Well now you can finally settle the debate once and for all. (Part 13, Division 2, pp 204 by the way).

Lastly for the obligatory picture to add even more excitement to this already fascinating post. Eyes right for an intriguing stop sign. No, it’s not a typical stop sign as seen in a country town (the holes are too big for shotgun pellets), it’s a Traffic Light Stop Sign. I never knew such a thing existed – now we’ve both learned something new!