CD CoverI can’t help boasting about this one, I’m grinning from ear to ear still. The first disc of Triple J’s Hottest 100 vol. 18 is blasting out of my Altec Lansings so loud I can’t hear my keyboard going clickety-clack as I type. Hopefully it’s also loud enough that the neighbors can’t hear me singing along too.

Last weekend we took the opportunity for a much needed break and decided to go camping by the ocean. So we found ourselves northbound on the Mitchell Carpark. The radio was tuned to Triple J because a) it’s the only FM station that would have reception the whole way there   and  b) it’s the only FM station worth listening to!

Super Request was on and Rosie was spruiking Hottest 100 packs for listeners from WA. Kristy whipped out her trusty HTC Desire and got requesting. The request was Drapht’s Rapunzel and while we didn’t hear it than night it was a great trip and even better weekend in Cervantes with the beach only 60 seconds walk away.

Fast forward to Monday, I get home from work to find Kristy hanging up the phone because the J’s had called her back to put her on air that night! And so it came to be that my beautiful angel got herself on the radio and won us a Hottest 100 vol. 18 CD. Today the mailman made good on Rosie’s promise, there was even a sticker in there too 🙂