[singlepic id=237 w=320 h=240 float=right]Tonight I had the World’s best cup of hot chocolate! The explanation is going to seem a little strange but stay with me here. Nowadays I barely get to touch anything technical, so when something breaks around the house I’m almost singing for joy. Lately I’ve saved our Dyson from a violent death when I replaced the ‘lifetime’ filters which had become permanently blocked. Then it was time to solder up a new Sub C NiCd pack for the Dustbuster.

Most recently, I’ve been having an argument with an almost new microwave (read ‘just out of warranty’) that developed a penchant for consuming high voltage fuses (at about $10 ea). I was a little silly and assumed the magnetron was to blame so waited ’till a bargain popped up on eBay. New magnetron and new $10 fuse fitted and time for a test run. HUMMMMMMMMM – POP. Bugger this is getting expensive.

So time for more homework and I found this site which is a wealth of information for appliance repairs. Be sure to read the disclaimer though, there’s a capacitor in there that can kill you even when unplugged from the mains. After checking the cap’ was properly discharged I set about molesting everything with my multimeter. Aaargh, the diode had gone open circuit in both directions. Back to google and then eBay we go.

A parcel was waiting for me today with a new diode and (another) new fuse. 10 min work and it was all back together. This time a gentle hummmmmm and my sample water was getting hot. Success!

So dear reader, that’s why a cup of hot full cream milk in my trusty BP thermo mug with a few spoons of fancy pants chocolate makes the best hot chocolate in the world. And nobody’s going to tell me otherwise 😉

Don’t suppose anyone wants an as new, slightly used LG Magnetron?