Well it has been ages since I last posted here, but I haven’t disappeared! Life has been busy with all sorts of things including a new job 🙂 One thing I haven’t had so much time for lately is getting some RC flying in, but I did have a fantastic flight with the EVA Biplane recently.

A Tropical Cyclone was predicted to hit Perth, which is unusual because they don’t normally venture this far south. The evening preceding the impending arrival of TC Bianca was humid and very still, barely a breath of wind. So I quickly charged a pack for the EVA and took her to the nearest oval. This was also the first time I tried my new ‘Helmet Cam’. Basically it’s a 1/4″ whitworth bolt wedged into the top of my old bike helmet. This lets me screw my little Sony still camera on top. I’m quite pleased with the results.

The flight in this video is the sort of stuff I really like to do with my parkflyers. Nothing really fancy, nice and relaxing and good fun. Some touch and go’s, simple aero’s and a beautiful evening sky. Does it get any better than this?

Mountain Models EVA Biplane from Aidan on Vimeo.