This model has by far the most airtime of any in my fleet. It has a low wing loading and will fly very slowly & turn tightly. It’s also quite slippery and can really zip along on full throttle. There is less invested (time or finances) in this model than any other in my fleet so I’m not as concerned about crashing this one.┬áIn addition to all that, it bounces if you hit a solid object (within reason) and has the prop at the back so damage to the motor or a bystander is unlikely.

Flying this can be a real hoot, I can easily get 30min+ from a 1250mAh LiPo on this one with a mixture of flat out aero’s and gentle cruising or gliding. It’s fun flying figure 8’s with one wingtip scraping the weeds when it’s dead calm, or going high and ‘parking’ it in the sky when the wind is strong. I’ve even used thermal lift to keep it up for 15min power off, making a total of 40min for the flight.

It’s unbelievable the crashes this has survived (not many, just bad ones) when given to a beginner to try or when I attempt something that would just be plain stupid with any other model.

Lately the EVA Sport has taken over as flavour of the month so this has not been up much, but I dare say she’ll be back in the sky again soon.

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