This is not really a separate model, but a new set of wings built for the EVA Biplane. Only completed Dec 2009, I’m still getting her fine tuned but she’s quickly becoming a favourite.

Much more of a floater than with the biplane wings, but still capable of decent speed. It seems to be as aerobatic, although not quite as ‘point and shoot’ as the biplane. I’ve not done much in the way of aero’s yet, but the secondary effect of rudder is strong (as expected with that much dihedral) and means stall turns aren’t as nice. The elevator is also much more sensitive unless flown with a forward CofG.

I’ve also made a small deviation from the original design by adding flaps. I have extra channels on the radio so why not? I’m still experimenting with their usage somewhat. The hope is I’ll be able to use them for steep, slow approaches for small field flying or slow stable flight for aerial photography.

I suspect the Sport wings will stay on for a while to come!

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