After getting alot of experience with the Ego Cessna, it really whet my appetite for something a little more aerobatic. Many hours were spent on the ‘net researching what was available and I fell in love with the looks of theĀ Mountain Models EVA Biplane. The EVA part means ‘Extremely Versatile Airframe’. There are 3 different wing sets available for the same fuselage, effectively giving you three different models without having to buy 3 sets of radio gear, motors etc.You can get it as a biplane (mine), sport wing (low wing with a bigger span) or 3D (short span symmetrical wing with big ailerons). As I live in Oz I found a retailer here who stocks them. Paul fromĀ North Queensland RC was very good and had it shipped to me for not much more than just the purchase price from America.

Building the EVA made me realise how much I miss creating things from balsa. It took me about a week to have a finished airframe and a little while longer before being covered and ready for flight.[singlepic id=138 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=right]

After doing alot of reading about other EVA biplanes, I decided I needed dual rates so Kristy came to the rescue again and bought me a new Futaba T6EXA computer radio. I now have dual rates and exponential to play with to tame her down (the model that is).

The maiden went well, with the first landing a beauty. On low rates it’s still lively but quite controlable. On high rates it’s insane. The roll rate is unbelievable and full elevator throw has it changing direcions almost within it’s own length.

I did have one mishap with the EVA, I botched the recovery from a spin and I got it nose high and high alpha. I’m no 3D pilot so directional control was non existant. I hit one of the light towers at our oval with a loud crack. Fortuanately the model was still high up and the ensuing vertical dive gave enough airspeed to pull out just before the ground resulting in a greaser of a landing that was a complete fluke.

The beauty of the EVA is that I could rebuild the damaged wing and have it look as good as new. Try doing that with a foamy!

I now continue to fly the EVA regularly (when the weather is good). It really demands your attention and I’ll only fly if I’m current on the sticks (real life or simulator) but it’s bringing alot of satisfaction. I’m planning on buying some sport wings to see if I can get some more relaxing flights out of her.

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