’m one of many (I’m assuming) to benefit from the new parkflyer class of model. I’ve had the bug since I was about 13 and progressed through a few types of model before finally ending up with a big noisy smoky (and thoroughly enjoyable) Hustler MkIII. The trouble is a .40 size IC model is so heavy and fast that it’s too dangerous to fly near the geneal public. I used to fly at a club in Perth so it got some good airtime, now I live in the country appropriate place means farmers paddock. It all got too hard – getting permission, buying fuel etc. Not to mention that a break from flying meant I didn’t have the confidence to solo it again for fear of turning the Hustler back into a kit.

(Enter gorgeous wife stage left) who bought me an Ego models cessna 182 (complete with aileron upgrade wing) for a birthday. I soon discovered the simplicity and joy of a few trips per week to the local oval to buzz about with this little electric model. The only problem was the need for absolute calm when flying it. Many hours of reading about brushless and lipo setups on the net had me ordering a new power system off eBay and I’ve not looked back. The brushless motor transformed the ego. I now had the power to pull out of trouble if I needed, but could throttle back to fly it in a very scale like manner. Most of the time I fly it like this, it looks better, is more relaxing and gives better flight times.

The cessna has had many hours use now, with the odd mishap requiring minor repairs. A slow buildup of epoxy at the tail, combined with the lighter brushless motor progressively gave the model a rearward CofG (even with the battery moved forward). This unlocked the models previously undiscovered aerobatic potential so I left it that way. It spins like you wouldn’t believe!

It’s last outing however was not in absolute calm (weather or pilot) and I flew against my better judgement. The flight was going well until I decided to land. The rearward CofG, strong wind and turbulence coming off the trees put it in a very strange attitude  on late finals. I semi recovered but stalled the wing. Instinct took over instead of rational thought, full back stick kept it stalled right to the groud where it hit wings level but nose down.

This last crash really needs some concentration to repair the damage and keep it looking good instead of like a battered beginners hack. So the cessna is temporarily retired and the brushless gear has been donated to my new Gentle Advancer……

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