This was purchased as a take anywhere anytime model. It’s been built and test flown, the first thing to become apparent is that it’s extremely sensitive to CofG position. If it’s not in the correct place it has a tendency to either tuck under, or loop off the top of each launch. Some sticky tape and a slowly migrating 5c piece had that sorted.

I bought the removable wing option to make it even more portable. I’ve had some problems with the wing slipping a little with each launch – perhaps that’s my launching technique though. I’ve also had some problems with the wing joiner tubes coming unglued, though I think that’s down to an old batch of CA (glue).

The removable wing option is very clever. Hopefully the photos below will show it clearly enough. The carbon wing joiner slides into plastic tubes in each wing. There is an aluminium collet installed on each plastic tube, the grub screw is tightened so the whole lot is compressed together. For the remainder of the wing, two pairs of magnets installed in the wing / fuselage overlap section keeps everything true. It seems to me that their main purpose is to stop the wing twisting around the joiner tube.

My biggest problem is swooping bloody magpies. Even when you chase them with the model they’re not perturbed. So, it wound up in the box on the shelf. With the ‘leccy powered models I can stand inconspicuously on the side of the oval and the magpies chase the model instead. With a hand launch glider like this I have to be out in the middle – right in the swooping zone! Now I’ve started flying at a new site, and hopefully swooping season is over I should try her again. I still believe that in the right conditions this has the potential to be the most fun in my fleet. Check out the youtube video (below) of a an Alula and a Weasel Pro slope soaring, I think it’s inspiring.

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