Broken Motorbike

New and (not) improved short-wheelbase-SuperSherpa

Bloody hell it’s happened again. This time I’m equally as lucky but the damage is a bit worse. My shiny new Shoei TZR doesn’t look too bad but I’ll bin it anyway, I’m now limping and the Sherpa is a write off.

I was on my way home on Kalamunda rd when out of nowhere a car turned right across my lane – right in front of me. I had enough time to start applying brakes but there was no room or time to try anything more evasive. I slammed into the passenger side and was thrown over the car and down the road. Thank goodness there was only a little sliding, lots of rolling and most importantly no bones breaking. Once again all my gear did it’s job. My worst injuries are to my left leg; a bit of skin missing, some of the biggest nastiest bruises I’ve ever seen and a stiff knee. Oh and here’s one nobody warned me about – the seating arrangement means the crown jewels took a beating, they did get their own back by tearing off my tank bag and mirror as I went past though!

I had lots of people witness the accident and stop to help, including one guy who I heard was the deputy commissioner of Police! Thank goodness those same witnesses also heard the other driver admit to drinking & driving (stupid woman). We were both breathalysed and I believe she was arrested at the scene after the ambulance took me away.

I noticed the most uncanny thing about time though, or at least my memory of time as the accident happened. It’s amazing how much can go through your mind in a very short space of time. From the car first starting to turn to hitting it was 1-2 seconds at best, yet I had time in there for a few thought processes (amazing I know)! The first was ‘oh no not again’ but there was no panic. Cars doing this to me is not unusual, the roads are full of dickheads. Usually I just brake, hit high beam, change lane positioning and hit the horn if necessary. So I started to brake as per usual but as the front forks reached full compression and the back wheel locked I realised braking wasn’t going to cut it. Vehicle positioning and oncoming traffic ruled out any other action so I just stayed on the brakes and kept the bike upright. My next thought was disbelief and accpetance in one: ‘Oh God this is actually about to happen’. No ‘life flashing before my eyes’, just simple acceptance of the inevitable. That was followed by a very loud bang.

Next was some starry vision and ringing in my ears, judging from the marks on my helmet that was my head hitting the boot. The next thing was seeing the world upside down, looking back the direction I had come from and seeing my rear vision mirror which was snapped off and following me down the road. I clearly remember thinking ‘what a nuissance, I’m going to have to fix that’. The next thing I heard was the sound of my bike hitting the ground with a great clattering sound and I thought to myself ‘oh, that’s probably not the only thing that’s just broken off’. That was followed by the whole world spinning violently as I rolled down the road. That was followed by rolling myself to the kerb and hurrying to get my helmet off because of the extreme dizziness that was setting in. The traffic was stopped and a crowd had gathered so I just layed down and waited for the dizziness to pass.

Now comes the really nasty part. Insurance Commission of WA is covering my medical bills so far, hopefully that will only be short term and I’ll heal quickly. My comprehensive insurance should pay out soon for the bike, though it’s not going to cover the replacement cost, let alone my helmet and other gear. The last step will be to persue the other driver to recover the rest of my losses. I think I heard that she’s uninsured so that will be fun. Perhaps I’m about to learn what it’s like to sue someone?

I already have my heart set on the 2012 Suzuki DL650A V-Strom so I hope I get paid out soon. Is there something wrong with me? I’m a bit nervous about riding on the road again but I just can’t wait to get back on a bike.

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