In terms of R/C I grew up on a 2 meter wingspan 2 channel rudder / elevator glider called the Quiet Advancer. Initial training flights used a cox .049 glow engine on a pod mounted above the wing to launch the glider, once the fuel ran out it was a slow glide back to earth. Once my confidence improved I would fly on my own at the local oval. Often with a mate who had another 2m RE glider (I forget the make) and a bungee. We spent countless hours seeing how many loops we could do in one flight, or seeing who could catch their glider instead of landing it.

I’ve been missing that simplicity and relaxation of the glider so I decided to do something about it. Somewhere along the line I picked up a part built Gentle Lady kit for about $50. I finished the build and flew it but she never flew quite like the Quiet Advancer so it wound up in the back of the shed. About a month ago I pulled it out, rebuilt the wonky fuselage (previous owner) and flew it. It was great fun but I had no means of getting a decent launch so it sat on the shelf for a few weeks.

After my mishap with the cessna and it’s early retirement, I had a brushless outrunner and speedy sitting spare. Under the spare bed I had a kit for a lovely streamlined plastic power pod that Kristy had bought me as a joke when she bought me the Cessna. It had been marked down to $15 and it said so all over the box! 48 hours later the pod was built and motor, speedy and battery installed.

The glider got flown once like this and did okay but not great. At one stage during launch she got too fast and those beautiful polyhedral wings turned into a sinewave with associated clapping sound. Flutter – crap. I cut power and gently slowed her down. The rest of that flight was uneventful, but still I wasn’t quite happy. The single balsa spar used by the Gentle Lady is nowhere near as stiff as the twin hardwood spars with shear webs used by the Quiet Advancer.

So I dug the old Quiet Advancer wings out of the cupboard. One piece of sellotape over a tear in the solarfilm and they were pressed into service. Today I flew her with the pod……. Wow, that’s what I’ve been missing. The wings are the difference. The wind was up today and at one stage I had her standing still, nose into wind, sitting in a thermal directly under a nice Cu. Must have been there about 6 minutes before the thermal moved on! Now I have plans to strip the covering off the QA wings and refurbish them.

So I have the wing from a Quiet Advancer on the fuselage from a Gentle Lady. I figured that a hybrid of the names was in order. Since I don’t think there’s such a thing as a Quiet Lady it must be a Gentle Advancer! What do you think?