I wanted a Top Box for the V-Strom, but a quick Google for boxes quickly turns to calculations for monthly repayment amounts. Wow, nobody told me that this stuff can seemingly double the value of the bike.

I’m sure if you regularly have the need for hard luggage (see here) it’s worth the expense for something dedicated to the purpose which hopefully has the quality to match. Even for daily use I can’t justify $300 for a plastic box though.

That’s when I remembered I went through the same thing with the Super Sherpa. I bought an MTM Case-Gard Dry Box from eBay some time back with the idea of putting it on the Sherpa. I think it cost about $50. ¬†That didn’t work out because the Ventura rack I had worked on the lemon pip principle – anything you tried to strap to it simply slid off the angled frame. Making a mounting system all seemed too hard so the box just sat and gathered dust.

Then one day I noticed the little lugs under the V-Strom rack. Inspired by the bungee mounting methods such as that used by Wolfman (excellent gear btw) for their tailpacks, I came up with the idea of fixing some tonneau bungees to the dry box. For the fasteners I used M4 Stainless Cap Screws from onlinefasteners.com.au РRichard was a pleasure to deal with and has very competitive pricing too.

The system is not elegant, but it’s plenty strong enough for my use, the box is designed to be waterproof and it’s quick and easy to use and to remove from the bike if needed. Security may be an issue, but usually the box is empty if I’m parked anywhere public and used to carry stuff home (it fits milk, bread, six pack etc in there). Lastly, it looks very ‘boxy’ but that doesn’t worry me. I think most of the purpose made top boxes look like stupid UFO bubbles hanging off the back of the bike anyway, like the rider has swallowed his gum and farted a bubble which accidentally stuck to the back of the bike.

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