My first two-wheeled love was an ’07 Kawasaki Super Sherpa. It looks small and wimpy but it provides bucket loads of fun, is cheap to run and very forgiving.  I bought this before getting my license. I would practice riding in the bush when we lived in Corrigin and once I thought I’d got the hang of it, I took my test with the cops. I always thought that one day I would get a bigger bike because I liked the idea of serious touring, but never wanted to get rid of the Sherpa because she’s just too much fun. The KLX250S was a loan bike while getting the Sherpa serviced. Lots of fun but the Sherpa handled the wet bitumen so much better – even with the dirt tyres!

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I had been commuting in Perth for a few years, with fairly regular close calls with d1ckheads on the roads. Then I came across the ultimate idiot. Drinking, driving and tailgating. She was oncoming (in the opposite lane) and turned right across my lane, right in front of me. Brakes applied, not enough room to stop or evade. Bang. Ouch. So that was the end of my beautiful Super Sherpa, and the beginning of a love affair with a V-Strom…..

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