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Yippeee I’m back in the air again!

My philosophy with this site has always been to post about the positive. Well this one trumps them all, I cannot adequately express just how happy I am to be flying again :)

I had a self imposed break from flying when some poor lifestyle choices meant I had taken on too much ballast (got too fat). We’ve both been making some positive changes over the last 12 months that has seen us lose about 15kg each so far.

So now that I’m back under the magic cockpit seat limit, I’ve rejoined Western Australia’s best club – Narrogin Gliding Club. A three year break means that I’ll have to work to get some of my ratings back, but hopefully after re-building my hours the club may offer me some re-training if they want me back on the instructing roster!

In the meantime, I’m enjoying the challenges that winter thermals bring. I’ve not yet flown the Astir or Jantar again, but flying the Puchacz and DG-505 solo gives a nice low wing loading that has proved to be a good strategy in the light lift. In the two weekends I’ve been back, I have managed a solo of 1.5 hours both times.



Published Jan 2009:

I had my first solo in a glider after 17 flights or 4hrs 29min of training at the ripe old age of 15. Now 12 years later I’m completely addicted to gliding. Nowadays I’m privileged enough to be an instructor at the Narrogin Gliding Club. Here’s some assorted photos I’ve taken over the years.