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We're In!!!!!

I can’t belive it, we finally got into the new house last night. Two foam mattresses, a pile of clothes and a few toiletries and we feel like a King and Queen. The house is every bit as good as we’d hoped 🙂

We really feel for the previous owners who had a nightmare run with their move. Technically we should have had the keys at 12pm. We allowed them until 4pm for the move. We got keys at 9pm, and only because the previous owners cracked the whip and worked hard themselves too. If you see a story on the news about a shonky moving company, with drunk drivers and incompetent crews this is where it comes from.

0 days to go!

[singlepic id=147 w=320 h=240 float=left]Hooray, yipee, hoorah, hallelujah we’ve done it! The house settled this morning. It’s ours, all ours.

Now we get to look forward to moving again! We can spread out and store stuff properly, play music loud and watch TV late. We can halve our travel times to / from work.

1 day to go…..

Oh my goodness we’re almost there. I think I want to squeal like a little girl. Ooh hang on wait a minute, be right back. I need a nervous wee.

5 days to go…..

Ho Hum.

7 days to go…..

Final inspection has been booked. At least that’s a certainty!

9 days to go…..

I’m told by those further up the chain that this time it’s actually achievable. Final inspection must be happening soon. Can’t wait.

Here we go again. 12 days to go…..

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh. Another extension. Aparrently the seller’s seller hasn’t got their a into g.

Has anyone out there got a nice house they’re willing to sell. Can you move out in say, 2 days?

Light Tent

For a while now Kristy and I have enjoyed dabbling with photography. The sheer number of photos taken and the law of averages means we’ve managed a few impressive shots. Some of the best however have been the macro shots. Closeup photography outdoors is not too difficult where there’s plenty of light, but indoors has always been tricky.

A little bit of research revealed that a light tent will solve the problem and allow you to take shots like the pros use to advertise products. I found this site (among others) which shows you how to build your own for a fraction of the cost of a professional light tent.

While I didn’t pay much attention to the dimensions, I did use a similar method. I cut the pvc to suit the dimensions of the card I bought from Spotlight. Rather than draping cloth over the top (seemed a bit messy to me) I sewed up a cover for the tent that fitted the frame fairly closely. To keep it all taught I put a button hole at the bottom of each corner that is pulled over a small screw in each pvc leg. (I did have to call mum for a reminder on using the button hole setting). The top rear rail has screws positioned to use holes from a standard ‘2 hole punch’.

So far I’ve used a ‘UFO’ led light for my light source (purchased from eBay). Incidentally this light also works well as a macro light ring for when the tent is not available. I just held this light by hand either outside the tent using the fabric as a diffuser or inside the tent using the fabric as a reflector. I have white, gold and silver card at this stage. Different colours seem to suit different subjects better, it’s fun playing with the different cards and lighting angles. Next I’ll use a couple of desk lamps to make life easier and hopefully produce better results.

Some of the photos have been pretty ordinary, while others I’m pretty chuffed with (law of averages again). I plan to make another one of these to take to work where it’ll make it that much easier to take professional looking photos of some of our products.

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Almost forgotten how to blog!

It’s been so long since posting here I’ve almost forgotten how! Things have been so hectic with the move back to Perth, new job, buying new house etc…..

I think things are starting to settle down a bit and I hopefully I can spend a little more time on the blog.

First Post

First Post, yay. Oh wait a minute it’s my blog….