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Charcoal Lamb Roast

[singlepic id=132 w=320 h=240 float=right]No that’s not what I did to it, it’s what I cooked it with! I thought we’d run out of Heat Beads so it was off to my least favourite hardware shop (‘coz they’re the only ones open at absurd hours). They had no name heat beads there but didn’t have any barbecue pictures on them so we weren’t sure if they were safe for use with food. (They had pictures of chiminea’s & braziers etc). Kristy talked me into getting a box of charcoal.

The charcoal is brilliant, it lights easier than the Heat Beads & the food tasted better. We did Pork last weekend and lamb this weekend. The left over half burned charcoal was easy to use again and I only needed a tiny bit of new stuff out of the box. Since you can’t enjoy the delicious, moist, perfectly cooked lamb, you’ll just have to stare at my artsy burning charcoal picture.

New House?


Offer’s accepted, bank says yes, but it’s not in the bag yet…..