[singlepic id=241 w=320 h=240 float=left]Had myself a prang recently 🙁 I overcooked it in the wet on my way to work and locked up the rear wheel approaching a corner. I had the presence of mind to come off the back brake to get it back together. Problem is I was then even closer to the corner and no slower, so I was just as enthusiastic on the brake again. This time the rear slid out so far I was afraid to let go of the brake incase it gripped suddenly and highsided. The bloody thing did it anyway and threw me off! Luckily there was no oncoming traffic and I went splat on my face followed by a penguin slide (on my belly) down the road.

The nice police lady didn’t charge me and the ambo’s took me to Royal Perth because they ‘were going that way anyway!’ After relaying the story again to the ED staff they had me laying down and immobilised with sandbags in the blink of an eye. Heaps of X-rays and 5 hours later I was given the all clear and allowed to move.

Apart from lots of bruising and some muscle damage, I didn’t have a scratch on me! All thanks to my gear. My Dririder jacket, full face helmet and leather gloves all paid for themselves. Most of all the helmet though, I hate to imagine what I’d look like right now if I’d had an open face helmet. My yellow vest and raincoat were torn up badly enough.

Funniest thing, the bike got a few scratches – but check out the indicator. Completely busted off but the globe is fine, still working too! The silver lining to this cloud – a new Shoei TZR 🙂

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