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Terrestrial Photography

[singlepic id=215 w=320 h=240 float=left]Not really warranting a category of it’s own, but I think deserving of a place on here, is some photos I’ve taken of flowers. I’m no pro by any stretch of the imagination, but today’s digital cameras allow you to experiment until some impressive shot’s are achieved.

The frangipani is growing in the garden at our new house. I wish all the stalks had flowered because the colours are so bright and vivid.

The gallery (below) is some photo’s I’d taken some time back. When we lived in Corrigin I’d enjoy riding the bike out on the gravel tracks through the bush, either following the railway & watching the scenery slide by or doing the wildflower loop. This particular day I’d packed the good camera and set out to get some shots on the wildflower loop. I was on the way home thinking I’d got as many good photos as I was going to get, when something caught my eye (at 40kph). I stopped and sure enough, the only orchid I saw for the day was growing at the base of a shrub. I have no idea exactly what it is, but the photos tell the story.

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Aerial Photography

[singlepic id=203 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=right]For quite a long time now I’ve been keen to try my hand at some R/C Aerial Photography. As a way to get started, I purchased a FlycamOne 2 some time ago as a way to get started. I’m well aware that this camera, though versatile, is fairly low performance. I’ve owned it for some months now so this post comes very late, but the b*#%@y thing just won’t work properly.

The first one released the magic smoke and I was out of smoke injection kits so I sent it back to Hobbycity. Either they were out of kits too or they just couldn’t get the smoke back in there because a new one was dispatched my way. The new one worked OK initially on the ground. It’s first aerial video was for the EVA Sport’s maiden flight. For that I got the first 5 sec of video playing frame by frame over approx 10 min, mixed with recorded sound in real time. Aaaargh. So the latest flight was with the ‘still photo every 4 seconds’ mode. Even then it didn’t work properly because when I landed it had stopped shooting (battery still OK and SD card not full). I would not recommend this camera to anyone, though some say they’re good – I think it’s a quality control issue.

*EDIT 11th Jan 2010* A formatted SD card, updated firmware and charged battery seems to have solved things. It seems the battery indicator may be unreliable and I might have had a low battery on previous flights.

Anyway, here’s 4 semi-acceptable shots from Sunday’s flights. It’s the second time I’ve flown at this new location and there seems to be much less turbulence rolling off the nearby trees. The EVA Sport flew beautifully with 1/2 flap and the motor shut off. Nice lazy circuits, she floated like a 2m glider and seemed to take a long time to come down.

The EVA won’t be able to lift my Sony 10MP pocket camera, but I’ve got grand plans for an old set of 2m Glider wings…… There is a dedicated forum for  all things R/C Aerial Photography at RC Groups. It’s a wealth of information, hopefully I’ll pick up some tips when it comes time to design my new bird.