[singlepic id=202 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]Well it’s that wonderful time of year again; the Christmas Tree is up, houses have lights on them, the weather is unbearably hot, the bank account is empty and certain family members need their heads banged together already.

Kristy and I went shopping yesterday (I know, I know, we weren’t thinking. Shopping on a Saturday two weeks before Christmas is a bad idea). We both came home exhausted but at least broke the back of the shopping list. We’ve got one person left to buy for I think. But, it was all worthwhile for this photo (sorry my phone has crappy autofocus). While browsing the decorations isle, I found a broken one made from plaster. I picked it up to show Kristy and said “Look, no ‘L’ “. Get it, No ‘L’? Ahh I crack me up.

Merry Christmas everyone.