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Woo Hoo. We have Inernet!

The ‘net just got connected at the new house. Naked ADSL2+ through iinet. Here’s the last speedtest I did. Booyah.

We're In!!!!!

I can’t belive it, we finally got into the new house last night. Two foam mattresses, a pile of clothes and a few toiletries and we feel like a King and Queen. The house is every bit as good as we’d hoped 🙂

We really feel for the previous owners who had a nightmare run with their move. Technically we should have had the keys at 12pm. We allowed them until 4pm for the move. We got keys at 9pm, and only because the previous owners cracked the whip and worked hard themselves too. If you see a story on the news about a shonky moving company, with drunk drivers and incompetent crews this is where it comes from.

0 days to go!

[singlepic id=147 w=320 h=240 float=left]Hooray, yipee, hoorah, hallelujah we’ve done it! The house settled this morning. It’s ours, all ours.

Now we get to look forward to moving again! We can spread out and store stuff properly, play music loud and watch TV late. We can halve our travel times to / from work.

1 day to go…..

Oh my goodness we’re almost there. I think I want to squeal like a little girl. Ooh hang on wait a minute, be right back. I need a nervous wee.

2 days to go…..

We had the final inspection yesterday and the house is just as good as we remembered it. It’s starting to get really exciting now – it turns out this fictitious house we’re buying is actually real! Still in a pretzel shape waiting for Wednesday, then moving in Thursday night 🙂

Slope Soaring in Perth

[singlepic id=146 w=320 h=240 float=right]Well I finally did it. I found somewhere to slope soar in Perth. I flew my Wowings Duck and quite frankly it was ducking awesome!

I have been flying off the edge of the Zig Zag in Gooseberry Hill with my Swift II a few times. It’s a great site with views out over the coastal plain and the city. It’s definitely not suited to conventional models because there is nowhere smooth to take off or land. It’s all hand launch and catch stuff.

The wind was really blowing when I was getting ready to take Kristy to work today. Ordinarily I wouldn’t even consider flying in wind like this, but with the promise of slope lift I packed the models. I took the Swift as a sniffer and packed the Duck just incase the hill was working. (Bear in mind I have little to no slope experience). Read the rest of this entry »

4 days to go…..

Almost there. Final inspection is tomorrow, that’s exciting. I’ve got everything possible crossed and starting to look like a pretzel.

5 days to go…..

Ho Hum.

7 days to go…..

Final inspection has been booked. At least that’s a certainty!

8 days to go…..

The cheque has been arranged, settlement has been booked. What is ‘booked settlement’, this is a strange concept indeed. Nobody has used that term before. That must mean something new is happening. Does that mean it might actually happen? Quick, somebody pinch me.