Well, I now have two more models (will this obsession never end?) The first is the Wowings Duck which was a birthday present from my gorgeous wife! This was my first foray into EPP foam and the experience has left me with mixed emotions. It’s horrible stuff to work with, blunts scalpel blades in 30sec and getting a nice clean cutout is hard. However, it more that makes up for it’s shortcomings with durability!

The Duck is my first ever slope soarer, I waited two weeks watching for the correct wind strength and direction for our local granite outcrop ‘slope’.  I had a couple of good launches and got high before aerobating back to the slope. Then something changed, wind strength or direction not quite sure exactly and the good lift was gone. This left me hugging the face of the rock trying for every scrap of lift. This led to some spectacular crashes, none of which worried the duck. It was amazing (and heaps of fun and laughs).

That got me thinking, I need something like the duck for park flying. A model you truly can crash, dust off and fly again. (Not that I try and make a habit of crashing). Enter the MS Composit Swift II from rcflyer.com.au $75 for the model plus postage and I’m laughing. All the radio gear, electronics etc were pinched from the Fling Wing. This thing is now hands down my favourite model. Indestructible like the Duck, but smaller lighter and more agile. I’ve got a 1250mAh LiPo battery in there and from the three flights it’s had and the charge it took afterwards, I rekon I can get 30min runtimes out of it! It’s great fun flying at head height doing tight figure 8’s in front of you, then hitting full throttle and punching out vertical. Truly a small field park flyer. So far one landing was on the grass, the other two were hand catches!