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Fling Wing

Another flying contraption joins my hangar! This one came as a free plan in a copy of RCM&E, designed by Nigel Hawes. This thing used about $15 of balsa and was covered with scaps left over from building my EVA Biplane.

The maiden flight was very exciting and followed three or four maiden flops. Eventually I got it trimmed well enough to launch and climb to height before trimming properly.

It certainly looks unique both on the ground and in the air. It spins like you wouldn’t believe and landings so far have been a series of gentle skips along the grass – similar to skimming a rock across a pond!

Looking forward to more flights with her….

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The 'Gentle Advancer' flies

The Gentle Advancer is a 2m wingspan 2 channel glider. Don’t bother googling for it, I’ve got the only one in existence! It’s got the fuselage and tail from a gentle lady and the wings from a Quiet Advancer.

In the absence of a ‘purist’ launching method I’ve got a Turnigy 28-30B brushless outrunner turning an 8×6 prop mounted above the wings on a power pod. This setup draws 12A on full throttle and a climb from my hand to soarable altitude takes about 1 minute.

Last Sunday was the first time I flew this complete setup. I took a friend with me to the oval and after flying the biplane myself I launched the glider to give him a go. After a couple of climbs and descents the ‘Gentle Advancer’ was almost down to circuit height again, with Michael flying. Then she seemed to surge upwards, at which point I got quite excited and said “I’ve got it”, taking the controls off him. I started a right hand turn, adjusting the radius and position just like I do in the real thing, except this time it was off visual cues not audio and other senses. To my delight, about 60 seconds later she was too high for me to continue thermalling! I handed the controls back to Michael who flew until it was back to circuit height again. WOW – my first RC thermal. That’s almost as exciting as the real thing!

I’m well and truly hooked now, I can’t wait for the next opportunity to take the glider out. Maybe even try slope soaring it off the nearby granite outcrop….