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My 'New' 2m RE Glider

In terms of R/C I grew up on a 2 meter wingspan 2 channel rudder / elevator glider called the Quiet Advancer. Initial training flights used a cox .049 glow engine on a pod mounted above the wing to launch the glider, once the fuel ran out it was a slow glide back to earth. Once my confidence improved I would fly on my own at the local oval. Often with a mate who had another 2m RE glider (I forget the make) and a bungee. We spent countless hours seeing how many loops we could do in one flight, or seeing who could catch their glider instead of landing it. Read the rest of this entry »

Mountain Models Eva Biplane

After getting alot of experience with the Ego Cessna, it really whet my appetite for something a little more aerobatic. Many hours were spent on the ‘net researching what was available and I fell in love with the looks of the Mountain Models EVA Biplane. The EVA part means ‘Extremely Versatile Airframe’. There are 3 different wing sets available for the same fuselage, effectively giving you three different models without having to buy 3 sets of radio gear, motors etc. Read the rest of this entry »

Cessna 182 gallery posted

I’m one of many (I’m assuming) to benefit from the new parkflyer class of model. I’ve had the bug since I was about 13 and progressed through a few types of model before finally ending up with a big noisy smoky (and thoroughly enjoyable) Hustler MkIII. Read the rest of this entry »

My second attempt

Well, this is my second attempt at a blog. The first one was at and was on my previous web host. I was having trouble installing software with my previous hosting account, the control panel was limited and file permisions were a major pain in the a%*e. Read the rest of this entry »

First Post

First Post, yay. Oh wait a minute it’s my blog….